Water Saving Sprinkler Retrofit in Sacramento, CA

A recent customer in Sacramento, CA had us out to look at doing sprinkler retrofits for their home. They had many sprinkler heads that were not working efficiently. During our analysis we discovered that if they were watering 9 months out of the year, we could save them 65,157 gallons of water in a year. That is an average of 7,240 gallons a month! To help put this water savings into perspective here are some stats on how much water sprinkler retrofits can save you.

In one year:

  •  You could fill 3.3 backyard swimming pools
  • Fill to the ceiling a 1,089 sq ft single story home

In one month:

  • Save enough water for 181 ten minute showers
  • 4,525 would use as much water in a month you save

These results are not unique to just this client. We specialize in doing sprinkler water usage audits and sprinkler repair in Sacramento for your entire outside home water use.