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If you care about the quality of your lawn, then it’s important to ensure that it gets adequate irrigation.  Regardless of the time of year, your lawn requires water and care during all seasons. Our experts at Low Flow Sprinkler Pros will ensure that your lawn stays beautiful no matter what. We can help you install hassle-free irrigation systems that allow you to go about your daily routine without having to worry about turning your sprinklers on or off. This saves you time, worry, and money as we help you in your efforts to conserve water all year long. That’s why we are your number one choice for sprinkler repair in Sacramento.

If you’re ready to seriously cut down your outdoor water usage, while helping your yard look its best, and repair any lawn irrigation issues call or contact us today. The Low Flow Sprinkler Pros are always just a click or a phone call away.

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Water Saving

Our water-saving strategies include new, cutting-edge technology that will transform your yard into a healthy and lush landscape allowing you to enjoy optimal water-savings, unprecedented automation, and control over your sprinkler and irrigation system. Our installations use only commercial grade materials to maximize water savings and system longevity. You will have great peace of mind knowing you are spending less to see your lawn flourish and save water!



Without proper maintenance, a system can easily degrade, losing water pressure, reach, and effectiveness. Our detailed inspections will make sure that all equipment is working as intended, and that all plants are getting the water they need to thrive. We also offer discounts on regularly scheduled maintenance, to keep your system at the top of its game year round.  Ask today about about our sprinkler integrity check special and see how water we can save you!

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Water Smart

With over a decade of experience working with various sprinkler repairs in Sacramento, our team has the expertise to discover the sprinkler repair issues that others miss. Our unique irrigation integrity check covers all the bases from valve leakage and wiring continuity to optimizing throw distance and accounting for seasonal differences in soil absorption.

Read more about our Sacramento sprinkler repair services.


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Our Lawn Irrigation Technicians Care About Your Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities for us. We customize our sprinkler designs to suit each customer’s needs, so whether you have a small lawn or a gigantic one, we have to tools and knowledge needed to ensure that every inch stays hydrated and green – and without overwatering. We enjoy not only installing eco-friendly equipment for our customers, but educating them on water usage and how to more effectively conserve water and save money along the way. Our sprinkler technicians are all friendly, approachable, and knowledgeable, so you can always ask questions without hesitation.

Reduce Your Water Usage And Maintain A Beautiful, Green Lawn!

We take a personal interest in our work and keeping your lawn healthy, green, and water-efficient. We offer you the unique opportunity to integrate what architects now prescribe for every new commercial landscape setting. Smart-controllers, weather-based clocks, low-flow sprinkler heads, and the latest innovation in drip lines are just a beginning of the kind of unprecedented irrigation materials that we use. This way we can help you save water with every sprinkler repair, remodel or retrofit completed. If we install it, we will warranty it for one-year. Save water and get the best materials available with Sprinkler Pros.  We’re eager to share our knowledge and expertise with you. If you’re interested in sprinkler repair, or simply interested in a water conservation audit, then give us a call today. Low Flow Sprinkler Pros is your go-to choice for water conservation with your lawn.

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53% Of Home Residential Water Is Used For Irrigation

Stop water waste. It’s a common misconception that most wasted water comes from showers, faucets, and toilets. Outdoor residential irrigation is responsible for a majority of all water used in the state.

35% Less Water Supply In California

Do your part during the current water shortage. During a drought, Northern California may receive about 14 inches less rainfall than usual. This drastic reduction in the water supply is a dramatic decline from the average.

40% Savings When You Switch

Sprinkler Pros has proven solutions! We can help you with an optimal water use strategy. By using smart controllers, precision drip lines, and low-flow sprinkler heads, you will enjoy long-term savings on your water bill!

20% Mandatory Water Use Reduction

Avoid a fine! As of July 2014, water waste in California is now considered a criminal infraction, punishable by fines of $500 per violation. Ignoring your residential irrigation system may cost you.

Low Flow Sprinkler Pros 
Proudly Helping The Sacramento Area Conserve Water And Maintain Beautiful Properties For Ten Years. Call Us Today For An On-site Water Use Analysis and Consultation! 

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