Drought is a common problem in California and this year has been no exception. Watering restrictions are in place and your yard is probably seeing the effects. With the new potential of a $500-a-day fine for water waste, there’s even more incentive to find ways to start conserving water now. That’s precisely why you should be looking into a drip irrigation system.

Drip irrigation is the most efficient method of watering your planting beds, achieving almost 95% efficiency compared to the 30% to 60% of traditional spray heads. This makes it the number one choice of water conservation proponents. Drip lines deliver water directly to the roots of your targeted plants. No more watering the empty soil between plants! This reduces weeds and conserves water at the same time – bingo bango, you’ve killed two birds with one stone.

So, you’re still not sure you want a drip system. Here’s what you’re missing out on.

  • Precise amounts of water delivered directly to plant roots
  • Stronger, deeper root systems on your plants
  • Larger, more vibrant, and more disease resistant plants
  • Negligible evaporative loss
  • Elimination of water runoff
  • Easy to adjust watering lines

But wait, you have plants that thrive with overhead watering. How can a drip system handle these plants. Simple. A spray emitter can be installed for your groundcover or tropicals.

The biggest issue you might have is watering your turf areas. Subsurface drip irrigation has finally hit the mainstream. RainBird has recently released a brand new XFS system just for this type of application.

This subsurface drip emitter system will provide irrigation directly to the roots of your grass while being protected from root invasion by their copper XFS tubing baffles. This is a premier system that will result in a virtually maintenance free underground irrigation system and provide a thick, luxurious turf that will never need a sprinkler again.