Just last month, the City of Sacramento announced the Get Here Sac campaign. The purpose of this initiative is to educate Sacramento visitors and residents on the various methods of transportation in downtown Sacramento. More specifically, city officials want to encourage people to plan ahead when going downtown or visiting the brand new Golden 1 center, a soon-to-be popular venue for basketball games, concerts, and more.

By encouraging better planning, the hope is that there will be less congestion during big events, leading to fewer accidents, happier people, and better business for downtown shops. A recent test run for the Paul McCartney concert on October 4th showed that the system seems to be effective – with much thanks to the Get Here Sac campaign.

For those of you taking the campaign seriously, you might be wondering what some of the best transportation solutions in Sacramento are. Sure, maybe you’ve always relied on the light rail to get around town, but what if it’s packed for a Kings game? Be prepared by planning your transportation ahead, and always make sure to have a backup. Below are the (in our opinion) 5 best Sacramento transportation solutions.

1. Uber or Lyft

IF you’re not the most confident city driver, or you just don’t want the responsibility of finding a parking spot and forking over cash for it, you can always get to where you’re going with the help of someone else. Sacramento is a great place to find Uber and Lyft drivers, as well as tradition taxi cabs. Not only are you saving money by forgoing parking, but you’re helping with traffic and congestion downtown by leaving your car at home and making use of a cab instead.

sacramento transportation with bikes for trip to Golden 1 Center 2. Ride Your Bike

Sacramento is definitely bike-friendly, as are the areas nearby. Instead of going to the grocery store once every week and loading up on supplies, try taking a small trip to the market every day via bicycle. Load up your backpack or bike basket, and you’re getting your exercise in while also being productive. Check out http://sacbike.org/ for a convenient list of bicycle maps in the Sacramento area. You can also bring your bike on the light rail and use it to bike around town!

3. Walk

Hey, that’s a novel idea – use your feet to get around! If you live and work downtown or in midtown, there are tons of convenience stores to walk to. Not only does this save you the hassle of trying to park in the city, but it help you stay healthy, too. If you’re planning a trip to the city, find a secure, central parking spot, and then travel the city for the day by foot. You’ll get to experience the sights and sounds and have a better idea of the city’s vibe.

4. The Light Rail

The light rail is a super fast, super convenient way to get about Sacramento. There are three different lines (blue, gold, and green) that can take you to North Sacramento, the River District, Downtown, Midtown, Rancho Cordova, or as far as Folsom. Each line runs every 15 minutes during the week, and every half hour on weekends, so you’ll never have to worry about waiting around too long if you miss a train.

5. Streetcar

Alright, so there’s not a streetcar in Sacramento…yet. In August 2016, the City of Sacramento announced the Downtown/Riverfront Streetcar project. This allots $30 million in state funds to develop a streetcar that will span a total of 3.3 miles, running from West Sacramento, through Downtown and Midtown Sacramento. The project is said to be completed in 2021, so in a mere five years, residents and visitors can travel around town in an old-timey streetcar. Could Sacramento become the next San Francisco?

What’s your favorite way to get around Sacramento? Do you have any transportation horror stories? Tell us below!