Water Use 101 | How to Conserve Water in Sacramento

Lowering Your Water Usage

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You Can Be a Leader in Water Conservation

Retrofitting your sprinkler system is just one way to drastically lower your outdoor water usage, but it’s not the only way. Follow these helpful tips and tricks to learn other ways to do your part in conserving our fresh water resources.

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Maintaining A Healthy Lawn

When To Water

Sprinkler Pros suggest that you irrigate in the morning or evening hours. The cooler soil will allow for better penetration and allow for deep rooting and a hardy lawn.

Watering Schedule

Your lawn only needs about an even coverage of one inch three times per week. Consistency and proper watering amounts limit waste and provide a lush, even lawn. Soil treatment like Lesco’s Moisture Manager can even allow your soil to retain more water for even less watering.

Regular Mowing

Mowing your lawn to a length of 1.5 inches allows for more efficient water use by your lawn and spurs new and continued growth.

Shade and Soil Temperature

Shade, ground cover, and mulch all help to reduce overall soil temperature. Hot soil and direct sunlight on bare soil will lead to water loss due to evaporation. Any method of keeping soil cool will allow for better water retention and much healthier soil. Let the Pros treat your soil for the best results!

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Essential Irrigation Equipment


Timers and more recently, smart controllers put your sprinklers on a timed watering schedule to prevent over watering and inconsistent irrigation. It is important that you keep you timer properly set, and take over when your lawn receives natural rain. If you want an automated system to take care of all that work for you, ask us about the Hunter X-Core Smart Controller.

Want More Automation Out Of Your Control System? Check Out Our Selection Of Smart Controllers For Your Yard

Pumps, Valves, And Pipes

This irrigation is essential to the proper functioning of your home irrigation system, but unfortunately, this equipment can fall victim to leaks. If you notice a lack of water pressure coming from your sprinklers, or unusually high water bills, you may want to check for a culprit.

Sprinkler Heads

Sprinkler head technology has really taken off in the last few years. Today’s sprinkler heads are specialized, durable, and efficient. Old and broken sprinkler heads aren’t doing your lawn any favors. A new set of sprinkler heads that are properly calibrated for uniform coverage will work wonders for your lawn.

For An Even Irrigation Pattern That Offers Twice The Efficiency Of Your Existing Sprinkler Heads, Check Out The Latest Hunter MP Rotators. We Guarantee You’ll See The Savings!

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Water Conservation

Smart Controllers

The newest technology in the residential irrigation industry are Smart Controllers. These devices will automate irrigation through the use of temperature data, rainfall, soil moisture, and a host of other factors. If you want to learn more about our selection of state of the art smart irrigation controllers, the Sprinkler Pros are the experts.

Micro Irrigation Solutions

Micro Irrigation allows for a precise amount of water to be delivered directly to the root systems of plants. This allows for greater water efficiency and more effective irrigation. Sprinkler Pros offer drip line irrigation solutions to help you get started toward micro irrigation.

Native Plants

The use of native plants will drastically reduce irrigation required, and corresponding maintenance. There is a large selection of Sacramento area native plants that you can incorporate into your landscape. From trees to flowers, and even ground cover, native plant landscaping is a great way to work in harmony with the environment.


Proper maintenance on a regular schedule is an important part of your garden’s health, and is often overlooked by homeowners. Improper maintenance can lead to leaks and inefficiency, drainage problems and other issues that contribute to water waste.

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