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California Water Rebates: Sacramento and Beyond

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You might not be aware of it, but California offers water conservation rebates to individuals who are making efforts to conserve water in their homes, gardens, and lawns. That’s right – California and its water companies will actually give you money for doing your part to conserve water. If you are thinking of purchasing a high-efficiency water heater, toilet, or sprinkler system, then check out the programs below and see if you can get cash back for your efforts. You usually have to apply for the rebate before purchasing and installing new equipment, so plan ahead now!

Department of Water Resources

This is always a great place to check for water conservation rebates, and sometimes
they have ones that other water companies do not offer. Currently, they are offering the following lawn rebate incentives:

  • Turf replacement rebate
  • Toilet rebate

These are rebates offered to the entire state of California, so you can share this website with your friends!

Sacramento Suburban Water District

The Customer Assistance Program from Sacramento Suburban Water District was designed to help save customers money while also conserving water. They offer water rebate programs for the following purchases:

  • High efficiency clothes washer ($75 rebate)
  • Recirculating hot water pump ($150 rebate)
  • Irrigation efficiency upgrade (up to $300 rebate)

They also offer rebates for pool covers, irrigation controllers, rain sensors, and more. Check out their website for more information and helpful links. Note that applications must be submitted in person or via regular post.

Sacramento County Water Agency

Cash for Grass, Sacramento County Water Agency’s water conservation rebate program, was a hit in Summer 2015 – so much so that reservations filled up completely, as did the rebate wait list. According to the Sacramento County Water Agency website, they expect to offer their Cash for Grass program again starting in July 2016. Check their website frequently for updates and enrollment dates so you can get money to help you make your lawn drought friendly.

Golden State Water Company

Golden State offers water conservation rebates to customers all over California, so it’s important to check their site for rebates near you. To their Sacramento residential customers, they offer the following:

  • High efficiency toilet (HET) rebate (up to $125)
  • High efficiency clothes washer (HECW) rebate ( up to $125)
  • Weather-based irrigation controller rebate ($100; $25 per valve for areas greater than 1 acre)
  • Sprinkler nozzle rebate ($4 per nozzle; must have at least 15 nozzles)

They also offer incentives for commercial properties and institutions, with more detail on their website.

Water Conservation Rebate for low flow sprinkler heads in California

American Water

American Water of California offers lawn rebates to residential and commercial customers who are proactive about saving water. To receive a rebate, you must fill out an application on their website. Here are some of their current rebates:

  • High efficiency dishwasher ($125)
  • High efficiency clothes washer ($200)
  • High efficiency toilet ($125)
  • Ultra high efficiency toilet ($150)
  • Rain barrel ($75)
  • Irrigation rain sensor ($40)
  • MP Rotator Sprinkler Nozzles ($4 per nozzle, $10 for large rotors; minimum of 15 nozzles)
  • Smart controller ($200)
  • Pool covers ($50 to $200)

If you want to know the specific models that qualify for each rebate, or you are interested in commercial water conservation rebates, their site has an easy to read chart for more information.

American Water also offers an amazing Turf Exchange Rebate (more information here). By taking out your lawn and replacing it with drought tolerant plants or native plants to California, you can quickly save hundreds of dollars on your water bill – and American Water will help you pay for it all. The only stipulation is that you replace your lawn with mulch, rock, or other low water substance. Schedule your pre-inspection today!

Drip Line installed with water conservation rebate in California

San Juan Water

San Juan Water provides services to Sacramento and parts of Placer County. If you’re interested in a rebate, you must first schedule a free water audit and irrigation review before making any upgrades to your home. They offer rebates for various improvements:

  • Irrigation improvements (smart controllers, rain sensors, drip irrigation upgrade, etc.)
  • High efficiency appliance installation (washing machine or toilet)
  • Hot water demand system
  • Conservation retrofits (insulation and envelope sealing, lighting, HVAC upgrade, water heating)

Visit their website here.

El Dorado Irrigation District

El Dorado offers water conservation rebates on a first come first serve basis (and space is limited, so act fast). They offer a flat $100 rebate for items such as WaterSense toilets, high efficiency clothes washers, irrigation controllers, or other upgrades that improve your irrigation efficiency. The nice thing is that you do not need to pre-qualify before submitting an application, so you can get reimbursed for previous upgrades.

Fair Oaks Water District

Sprinkler repair and retrofit rebate for water conservation in California While Fair Oaks Water District doesn’t offer a specific lawn rebate (though there is a state wide option for a turf replacement rebate), they do offer a free landscape irrigation review (see their site for more information). Technicians will come to your home or business, perform an inspection, and offer suggestions on where you could improve your water usage. This includes a written report with useful information for you and your family. It’s a great idea to get your free inspection, then apply for a California water rebate and see what appliances you can get assistance with.


The City of Roseville, CA, offers up to $100 in rebates for water efficiency upgrades in your home. You must fill out a rebate application on their website, but they provide many helpful examples of how to properly complete the form. Remember – keep all your receipts! Many applications will request them as proof of purchase.

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