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Reliable and Affordable Sprinkler Repair in Sacramento

If you care about the quality of your lawn, then it’s important to ensure that it gets adequate irrigation. Regardless of the time of year, your lawn requires water and care during all seasons. Our experts at Low Flow Sprinkler Pros in Sacramento can ensure that your lawn stays beautiful no matter what. We can help you install hassle-free irrigation systems that allow you to go about your daily routine without having to worry about turning your sprinklers on or off. This saves you time, worry, and money as we help you in your efforts to conserve water all year long. That’s why we are your number one choice for sprinkler repair in Sacramento.

Our everyday service area includes the following:

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Our Service Technicians Care About Your Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities. We customize our sprinkler designs to suit each customer’s needs, so whether you have a small lawn or a gigantic one, we have to tools and knowledge needed to ensure that every inch stays hydrated and green – and without overwatering. We enjoy not only installing eco-friendly equipment for our customers, but educating them on water usage and how to more effectively conserve water and save money along the way. Our sprinkler technicians are all friendly, approachable, and knowledgeable, so you can always ask questions without hesitation.

Sprinkler repair and low flow sprinkler heads in Sacramento
Hunter Water Conservation sprinkler heads installed in Sacramento

Helping You to Conserve Water and Keep Your Home Green

It’s a fact that a sprinkler retrofit in Sacramento can save residents 50% or more on water usage. That’s a lot of water – and a lot of cash savings. With this in mind, a sprinkler retrofit just makes sense. By using top of the line equipment, such as the Hunter MP Rotator, we help you to water more lawn area more effectively without wasteful water runoff. Our technicians know exactly where to place each rotator head to most efficiently water every inch of your grass, leaving behind an evenly watered surface with no dry or brown spots. We also utilize smart sensors that adjust your watering schedule depending on the current weather conditions. If the sensor is wet, it knows it is raining and will delay watering until the rain has stopped. If it is hot and dry outside, then the system will water your lawn during the time of day when it is most effective. It’s really that smart – and that easy.

Sacramento Sprinkler Repair and More

We offer more than just sprinkler repair in Sacramento – we also offer a host of other irrigation related services to our residential and commercial customers.

We’re eager to share our knowledge and expertise with you. If you’re interested in a sprinkler retrofit in Sacramento, or simply interested in a water conservation audit, then give us a call today. Low Flow Sprinkler Pros is your go-to choice for sprinkler repair in Sacramento.

Sprinkler System Installation and drought smart watering in Sacramento by Low Flow Sprinkler Pros

Save Water, Save Money, Get A Good Deal With A Low Flow Sprinkler Retrofit In Sacramento.

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