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Sacramento Sprinkler Repair With A Professional Touch

Sacramento sprinkler repair specialist examines a faulty pop up headLet’s talk about your sprinkler system. You’ve been neglecting it again and it’s decided to act up. You need a professional sprinkler repair. Sacramento based Low Flow Sprinkler Pros is the team to call. We do everything from pop up head replacement and repair to backflow device service. If it can go wrong with your drip irrigation or spray head system, we have the professional that can fix it.

To keep your sprinkler in tip top shape you have to have it maintained by a professional. Even though they are set it and forget it solutions for the most part, if one thing in the system goes wrong it can throw the entire watering routine off. This can lead to over or under watering and a poor looking landscape. Nobody wants that. That’s why our professional sprinkler repair pros in Sacramento suggest quarterly inspections and maintenance services.

You Need a Professional Sprinkler Repair Tech

Sprinkler repairs should never be done by handymen or plumbers doing the work on the side. They are highly technical systems that require knowledge of valve controls, water pressure, pop-up head spray patterns, diaphragm maintenance and underground wiring. Without the help of a dedicated irrigation repair specialist your system could cause moderate to severe coverage, runoff, and over watering issues.

It might not seem like you need an irrigation contractor with knowledge of soil absorption rates, potential run off areas, local climate and specific plant needs just to replace a few sprinkler heads, but the difference is dramatic. Your irrigation repairs will quickly pay for themselves if can spend less time, energy, and water maintaining your plants.

Our Sacramento irrigation repair team focuses on the needs of your individual lawn, not on generic guidelines from a training manual. Every landscape is different and needs to be approached that way to get the most out of your sprinkler system.

Broken sprinkler head shoots water at a condo in Natomas, Sacramento
low flow sprinkler after a sprinkler retrofit in sacramento

We Repair Pop Up Heads and More

We specialize in finding and repairing issues before they get so large that your lawn starts to look bad. Most of these problems start with pop-up head clogs or rotor issues or in the drip irrigation lines. These issues happen when dirt and debris get compacted in the spray nozzles and cause a pressure change in the system. During our maintenance visits we clear out every pop-up head and clean or replace any diaphragms or solenoids as needed. This prevents the need for entire valve replacements later down the line. We carry almost every replacement part on the market right on our trucks, that way we can make the change on the fly.

There is only one top sprinkler repair team in Sacramento, the Low Flow Sprinkler Pros. Call us right away and get a professional inspection and maintenance service today!

Providing Professional Sprinkler Repair And Maintenance Services!

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