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Go Low Flow with a Sacramento Sprinkler Installation Service

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It’s time to upgrade your watering system the low flow way. Our crack Sacramento sprinkler installation team is ready to help you with a fully integrated drip line system for your lawn and planting beds.

Instead of wasting money and time watering by hand, get a fully automatic sprinkler system that will deliver exactly the right amount of irrigation to every zone in your yard. No more guessing if you’ve watered enough and no more overwatering. You’ll get great results and have a stronger, healthier lawn that will be the envy of your neighborhood.

A Name You Can Trust

When it comes to sprinkler installation, Sacramento is lucky to have one of the best teams in the state of California. We aren’t a fly by night business or a side service of a plumbing company. We do sprinkler systems and that’s all. The reason is simple – sprinkler systems are highly technical machines that need to be finely tuned to work to the best of their ability. There is a lot more to a sprinkler than hooking up a few delivery lines to spray heads and calling it a job well done.

Our installers understand the local climate and know exactly what the watering needs of your native plants are. Without this knowledge it would be impossible to tune your system correctly and you’d see no advantage over watering by hand. It’s the fine tuning and correct placement of the right system components that sets us apart from the other guys.

low flow sprinkler heads cut outside water usage in sacramento
Green lawn in Whitney Ranch, Rocklin

Have a Greener Lawn in a Month

Sprinkler installation doesn’t have to be a time consuming task. In fact, most systems can go from the planning phase to completion in under a month, with the actually installation taking a couple of days. The exact time will depend on the type and size of your system as well as the grade of your lawn.

Getting a sprinkler installation in Sacramento is as easy as making a call to the professionals at Low Flow Sprinkler Pros. We’ll take care of everything and set your system up on a timer system with a smart controller that will allow your system to run only when you need it based on the local rainfall during the week.

Did you know we also do sprinkler repair in Sacramento?Call the Low Flow Sprinkler Pros now and give your lawn the professional care that it deserves today!

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