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As a homeowner, you want your Roseville sprinkler system to be operating at its best. Even a few days of system outage can cause irreversible damage to your lawn. When you think there might be a problem with your sprinkler system, call the Sprinkler Pros as soon as you notice a problem! If you need sprinkler repair in Roseville for your low flow irrigation system, or you are looking to prevent future problems with a preventative retrofit or sprinkler repair, you can count on the Sprinkler Pros of Roseville. Your Roseville Sprinkler Pros team is dedicated to preserving our region’s beautiful landscape and water resources with every low flow system.

Water Saving Solutions That Save You Money And Simplify Your Irrigation System

When you switch out your old sprinkler heads with a new network of Hunter Rotator MP sprinkler heads, you will start saving 30% water instantly. These heads have a greater coverage area, and can be adjusted to a greater degree, allowing a six zone, 55 head yard downsize considerably. To the same coverage with the Hunter Rotators, you will only need two zones and 34 sprinkler heads. Once those are installed, we can use the leftover heads to get you started with drip line irrigation. Low flow systems allow for greater automation, configurations, and customization than conventional sprinkler systems.

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Residential And Commercial Service To Reduce Your Water Use

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We Specialize In Water Saving Retrofits!

Our water smart services will help you keep your yard green and healthy while also doing your part to help our area’s water outlook. Call the Pros today for expert water use analysis. Its the first step towards sustainable savings.

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