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Fast & Affordable Rancho Cordova Sprinkler Retrofits

Fighting A Turf War? Ask Us About A Sprinkler Repair In Rancho Cordova

We use the best name brand equipment so you can be sure that quality is invested into every aspect of our retrofit service.

sprinkler shown in working order after sprinkler repair in Rancho Cordova by sprinkler pros

Quality Equipment

  • Hunter MP Rotator Heads
  • Netafim Techline CV
  • Hunter X-Core Smart Controller With Solar Sense
  • Tesco Moisture Manager Soil Treatment

We Offer

  • Full Installation
  • Leak detection
  • Set up, calibration and programming
  • Follow up water use analysis

Are You Ready For Water Savings Of 50% Or More?

All of our customers enjoy 50% water savings immediately, and some customers have even seen reductions of up to 75%! On top of this, our complete low flow retrofit adds low maintenance value to your home, and a selling point that never goes out of style.

Comprehensive Service, Satisfaction Guaranteed

The Sprinkler Pros offer Rancho Cordova outstanding service, superior equipment, and affordability when it comes to water efficient irrigation. Our comprehensive services will add value to your home, provide excellent irrigation to your property, and save you water, money, and maintenance work. The Sprinkler Pros can help you go the extra distance to conserve water, while also improving the health of your lawn.

Our low flow services also include installation, maintenance, inspection, micro irrigation solutions, drainage, hardscaping and more. If you have been looking for an all around comprehensive answer to all your low flow irrigation needs for your home or business, you’ve found the right professionals in Rancho Cordova.

Sprinkler head installed in Rancho Cordova, CA

Call Your Local Rancho Cordova Low Flow Sprinkler Pros

You will benefit not only from our expert service and proven track record, but also from our expert advice when it comes to the upkeep and irrigation needs of your property. If you want to learn more about your irrigation options, we would be happy to schedule an on site, outdoor irrigation audit. If you’re interested in irrigation advice and a thorough water use analysis of your home irrigation system, please call us at (916) 670-9924.

We Aim For 100% Customer Satisfaction With Every Client We Serve

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