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Numbers Don’t Lie – A Sprinkler Retrofit in Sacramento Can Have a Huge Impact

a Sacramento residential is proud to have such a perfect lawn

If you were told that you could double your highway MPG by changing a carburetor and a few fuel lines, you might have the right to be a little skeptical. That’s why we had a hard time believing the manufacturer’s claims when we started out with low flow systems over a decade ago. Since then we’ve seen the numbers, and they don’t lie.

With a low flow system from the Low Flow Sprinkler Pros, you can be proud of your lawn, and you can also be proud of yourself. When you get a full retrofit from the Low Flow Sprinkler Pros, you’re doing your part to conserve water in the smartest way possible, and making an investment that will last.

Savings By The Numbers

Hunter MP Rotator Heads Total Water Savings

Hunter X Core Smart Controller With Solar Sync
Total Water Savings

Netafim Techline CV
30%-50% Water Savings Over Traditional Emitters

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A home irrigation retrofit will save you thousands of gallons of water every month, with minimal maintenance, better irrigation for your yard, and more efficiency built into every component.

To see how much you could save, check out Hunter’s online water savings calculator »

Experience The Difference Of A Complete System Retrofit

Our Low Flow Retrofits Can Leave Our Customers Speechless, So We Let The Pictures Do The Talking.

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our Sacramento contracors use a low flow micro irrigation to provide a low flow solution for flowerbeds

Flowerbed Irrigation

Traditional Flowerbed Irrigation: Traditional emitters for flower beds and landscape use are wildly inefficient. They emit ultra-high volumes of water in a fine spray, most of which can be blown by the wind or lost to evaporation. This method produces inconsistent watering, and doesn’t do the job very well anyway. These emitters are prone to leaks, and due to their high pressure needs, can cause runoff issues.

Low Flow Micro Irrigation With The Techline CV: To provide a low flow solution for flowerbeds, shrubs and trees, we use the Techline CV, which is a drip line that delivers even uniformity and drastically reduced water usage at any water pressure. The volume reduction alone makes the Techline CV worth it, but you can also look forward to low maintenance with self cleaning and clog resistant features.

a Hunter MP rotator sprinkler head installed during a sprinkler retrofit in Sacramento

Sprinkler Heads

Conventional Sprinkler Heads: The most common sprinkler head we see delivers a fine, high volume spray of water. The problem with these units is that they provide a little too much water, too fast. At a normal schedule, these sprinkler heads deliver more water than the soil can hold, leading to excess runoff, dead spots, and soil health issues. Like many overhead spray sprinkler heads, water is also lost to wind and evaporation.

Hunter MP Rotator Heads: The Hunter MP series is simply the best innovation in sprinkler head technology in the current century. These units are simple, easy to adjust, versatile, and durable in addition to a 50% increase in efficiency over standard heads. These inexpensive heads rotate full circle, spraying low flow streams of water. By running these low flow heads about twice as long as normal heads, you deliver just as much water as your soil can soak in, eliminating excess runoff. The large streams delivered by these heads is not as easily disrupted by wind and heat. Coverage from these heads create a uniform, healthy lawn. The Hunter MP Rotators come in three range classifications, and can be easily adjusted to deliver spray patterns for borders and corners. To top all this off, these heads self flush on with each use and contain only one moving part. The right Hunter Rotator heads will provide are an all around show winner.

a new Hunter X timer installed during a routine Sacramento sprinkler retrofit

Clocks, Timers, and Controllers

Conventional Irrigation Clock Timer: Most clock timers are antiquated, and usually inherited from the last homeowner. With limited configurations and zone capability, these units rely on the homeowner to control shutoff manually. Definitely not the best if you plan to set it and forget it.

Hunter X-Core Series With Solar Sense: The Pros are proud to provide the best residential controller on the market. This Hunter X-Core smart controller allows for complete automation and eight zones of customization to provide the highest level of maintenance free irrigation control. The Solar Sense feature detects seasons, rainfall, and weather patterns to adjust and shut off your irrigation system when needed. If you want an intelligent accessory for a complete smart home, consider adding the X-Core controller.

soil treated with the Lesco Moisture Manager

Treat Your Soil Right

Untreated Soil: Untreated soil loses moisture to evaporation leading to unhealthy plants. The only way to fight this effect is to irrigate more often, with more water. Increased watering leads to runoff, and water waste. Untreated soil is less drought tolerant, and becomes a bad habitat for a healthy lawn in hot, dry conditions.

Soil Treated With Lesco Moisture Manager: Soil treatments such as the Lesco Moisture Manager is an essential tool to resist the harsh effects of drought conditions. This product will allow your soil to soak in more water, and retain that moisture significantly longer. This product will allow you to potentially water two days out of the week rather than three, reducing overall water use and preventing runoff.

The Sprinkler Pros Complete Retrofit Saves You Money, And Is The Supreme Water Saving Combo.

While you can change out parts piece by piece, a complete retrofit from the Pros provides all new components, each configured to work together. Our complete package is a one time solution that will save you water, maintenance, and equipment costs down the road. Let our experienced team set you up with the complete package. We’ll handle all the work, so you can start planning your next barbecue. Please view our Brochure Here!

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