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Sprinkler Repair in

Folsom and Retrofits

Folsom saves water from sprinkler repair and retrofits.

Folsom is generally hotter and drier than the surrounding areas in the Sacramento area. Hot climate and direct sunlight can take their toll on water efficiency. If you have been looking for a more efficient way to raise flowerbeds, grow vegetable gardens, or provide better irrigation zonecoverage and do sprinkler repair in Folsom without wasting water, talk to the Pros.

Along with being the leaders in sprinkler repair, the Low Flow Sprinkler Pros Use The Netafim Techline CV micro irrigation line to provide even water coverage at a low flow, directly to the roots of your plants. All of these benefits come with water savings, and better looking gardens during any month of the year.

Drip irrigation line installed with sprinkler repair in Folsom, CA
Folsom sprinkler repair specialist installs new PVC pipes

Providing Sprinkler Repair in Folsom With Efficient And Effective Irrigation

Wise use of water is very important to our Folsom customers. Most of our sprinkler repair customers are surprised to learn that they don’t have to sacrifice the beauty of their landscaping to achieve irrigation efficiency. Our irrigation systems, and one-stop service offerings can provide you with a range of flexible water smart equipment that doesn’t send you into the red. Along with sprinkler repair in Folsom, this equipment will reduce maintenance on your part while also eliminating wasted water. Avoid the $500 fine for over watering and invest in one of our low volume water smart irrigation solutions.  We also offer sprinkler repair in Rancho Cordova and sprinkler repair in Sacramento.
We guarantee our customers water use savings when they invest in low volume water saving equipment for their irrigation system.

Top Of The Line Components

These are my top three irrigation picks to save 30-60% more water! Affordable, and covered by a manufacturer warranty for peace of mind.

  • Hunter MP Rotator Low Flow Heads
  • Netafim Techline Drip Irrigation
  • Hunter X-Core Smart Controller With The Solar Sync ET Sensor

The Equipment You Need

  • Controllers, Timers, and Smart Technology
  • Sprinkler Heads
  • Drip Line Irrigation
  • Misters and Bubblers
  • Pumps, Pipes, and Valves
  • Electronics
  • Surge Protection
  • Filtration

Water Efficient Service You Can Count On

  • Installation
  • Retrofitting
  • Water Conservation
  • Inspection
  • Maintenance
  • Hardscaping
  • Repair

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