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Drought Tolerant Landscape Design with Savings and Style

a Sacramento residential is proud to have such a perfect lawn

As residents of California, our professional landscapers at Low Flow Sprinkler Pros believe it is our duty to not only allow your lawn to thrive, but to do so in a responsible, earth-conscious, drought friendly manner. That’s why we understand that not everyone wants to keep a traditional lawn, instead opting for more drought resistant plants that offer luxury, comfort, and ease while helping to save our water. Our team of experts will consult with you on your existing lawn, design a new layout, help you pick out native and drought resistant plants, and finally install your new yard and quickly dispose of the remnants of your old one. We’ve streamlined the entire process to make it simple, fast, and affordable for you and your home. It’s that easy! We also do sprinkler repair in Sacramento.

Save Our Water – Invest in Drought Resistant Landscaping Today!

Landscaping Services We Provide

  • Drought tolerant landscape design and consultation
  • Native plant installation
  • Drought tolerant plant installation
  • Gravel, sod, and tanbark installation
  • Other alternative ground cover installation
  • Removal and disposal of old foliage

If you are looking to save money and help California conserve water, then you’ve come to exactly the right spot. At Low Flow Sprinkler Pros, we can renovate and rejuvenate your yard while helping you save water and cash. Ask us about installing a low flow drip system or a sprinkler system retrofit today!

A Wide Selection of Native Drought Tolerant Plants

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our Sacramento contracors use a low flow micro irrigation to provide a low flow solution for flowerbeds

Be the Envy of All Your Neighbors

A beautiful home is not only one that is pleasing to look at, but also one that makes you feel proud. When you invest in a native and drought friendly landscape, you’ll appreciate the looks of your lawn but also feel great knowing that you’re doing your part to help conserve California’s water. Eliminate the guilt without sacrificing your comfort and take steps today to turn your home into the magnificent oasis it should have been from day one.

 We’ll Install Native Drought Tolerant Plants and More

Perhaps you’ve decided that you want your yard to be full of solely native Californian plants? Or you want plants that are also drought tolerant? Or maybe you’ve decided you don’t want any plants at all, but some other alternative ground cover such as gravel?

The good news is that we can do any and all of these options. We can install native plants that are also drought resistant, or we can go for minimal foliage, maximum convenience and install ground cover that doesn’t need to be watered at all. The choice is yours!

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