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Smart & Affordable Sprinkler Repair in Citrus Heights

If you haven’t taken steps to reduce your water usage, now is the best time to start and sprinkler repair in Citrus Heights is the way to do it. If you haven’t already heard, the Regional Water Authority Board has already taken steps to penalize homeowners who are caught wasting water. Fines of up to $500 are already being handed down to the worst offenders. When you’re ready to do your part, call the Citrus Heights Sprinkler repair team. Our Excellent Service, Equipment, and Customer Service are just a few of the ways we go above and beyond when it comes to water efficient irrigation.

Check Out The Latest Affordable Equipment That Will Save You Up To 50% Off Your Water Bill!

Sprinkler Repair with The Hunter MP Rotator Low Flow Sprinkler Head

This sprinkler head delivers a slower delivery of water in smaller amounts. While this sprinkler head requires more time to operate, homeowners typically see a 30% water savings from this device alone. Sprinkler heads such as the Hunter MP deliver only the amount of water that the soil can soak in at any one time, reducing dry spots, runoff, and overall waste.

Hunter MP Rotator sprinkler working after sprinkler repair in Citrus Heights ,CA
Netafim drip irrigation line installed as part of a sprinkler repair in Citrus Heights, CA

Netafim Techline CV Drip Line Irrigation

Netafims Techline is a great way to deliver water directly to the roots of your landscaping, even on sloped terrain. The Techline is made out of post-consumer recycled materials, and cleans itself as it operates.

Hunter X-Core Smart Controller With The Solar Sync ET Sensor

The Hunter X-Core is a great way to get into the smart controller game. This powerful home irrigation controller uses local weather sensors, rain sensors, and wireless remote programmability to give you the ultimate in residential irrigation automation.

With the right equipment and the right service from the Citrus Heights Sprinkler repair pros,  you could be saving thousands of gallons per month!

Hunter X-Core smart controller - the perfect controller for a smart sprinkler system

Don’t Skip Out On Seasonal Maintenance!

We all know that cool soil retains more water, and reduces the amount of irrigation water lost to evaporation, especially in the summer months. Shade, mulch and ground cover all help your soil stay cool and in turn, retain moisture. When you’ve taken all those steps, but your lawn is still as thirsty as ever, We recommend Lesco Moisture Manager. This product will help the soil retain moisture much more effectively than traditional methods. This product, applied by the Citrus Heights Sprinkler Pros can dramatically cut down on watering amount and frequency.  Also offering sprinkler repair in folsom  sprinkler repair in Roseville and sprinkler repair in Sacramento

Save Water, Save Money, Get A Good Deal With A Low Flow Sprinkler Repair In Citrus Heights

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