Why Sprinkler Runoff is a Problem during the California Drought

Installing a sprinkler system can help you keep your lawn and plants strong and beautiful by ensuring that they get enough water for healthy growth. Choose the right landscaping specialists to install your sprinkler system is key. Inexperienced technicians or installation without regard to the overall landscape design can lead to runoff.

Here are a few reasons why sprinkler runoff is a problem:

Creates Erosion

If your sprinkler system is putting out more water than your lawn or plants need, the water won’t be absorbed into the ground. Instead, it will pool on the surface. If there is any slope to your lawn — and almost all lawns have slope somewhere — the water will be pulled down slope.

Since the soil is already saturated, the water won’t absorb into the ground but will instead push the soil around. Over time, this will lead to serious erosion, which can uncover the roots of your plants and trees, kill your grass, and create unsightly holes or divots in the land.

Strips the Soil of Nutrients

Even if runoff doesn’t change the shape of the landscape, it will strip the soil of nutrients. Runoff will wash away the top soil, which is the layer of soil that includes all the essential nutrients. Below that is a layer of dense clay and other materials that cannot sustain healthy growth.

If you allow sprinkler runoff to continue, you will have to replace the top soil or heavily treat your lawn with fertilizers and other nutrients to restore the health of the soil.

Wastes Water

Sprinkler runoff is always a sign that too much water is being introduced into the soil. This wastes water, which is especially irresponsible in the face of drought, which Sacramento and the rest of California are currently experiencing. It is important that you work with the right irrigation specialists to create a sprinkler system that delivers just the right amount of water without any extra.

Low Flow Sprinkler Pros specializes in sprinkler systems that also conserve water. Our systems will keep your soil healthy without wasting precious water or contributing to runoff.