Indoor vs Outdoor Sprinkler Timers

You might assume that sprinkler times and controllers need to be placed outdoors. Where else would they go, after all? Actually, quite a few of our residential and commercial customers want their sprinkler timers to be placed indoors where they are less likely to be tampered with and affected by the elements.

In the battle of indoor vs outdoor sprinkler timers, what’s the difference?

We’ll discuss the pros and cons of indoor and outdoor sprinkler timers so that you can make the most responsible choice for your business or home, regardless of location.

Outdoor Sprinkler Timers

Outdoor sprinkler timers and sprinkler controllers are typically housed in hardy, weather-tolerant enclosures. These outdoor sprinkler controllers usually require anywhere between 18 volts and 24 volts of power, which must be hard-wired to the unit itself.

  • weather resistant
  • easy to install
  • vulnerable to pests and rodents
  • vulnerable to vandals

One drawback of an outdoor sprinkler timer is that, over time, the housing can wear down – especially if you live in an area that gets heavy rainfall or snowfall. Pests such as squirrels can also tamper with your irrigation control box, chewing on wires and causing a dry lawn before you’ve had time to realize what happened. Lastly, passersby can easily tamper with an outdoor irrigation control box, causing you a nasty surprise on your next water bill.

Indoor Sprinkler Timers

Indoor sprinkler timers are an easy solution to the problems outlined above. An indoor irrigation control unit can be placed in your garage, garden shed, closet, or other easy-to-access area of your home. These models come with a transformer that allows you to plug the sprinkler timer into a standard 110-volt outlet without any trouble.

  • easy to install
  • safe from rodents and pest
  • safe from vandals
  • protected from harsh weather conditions

Just remember – don’t plug your indoor sprinkler timer into an outlet that is operated by a lightswitch!

Convert Your Indoor Sprinkler Timer

Have we convinced you to make the change from outdoor to indoor sprinkler timers?

Luckily, you don’t have to buy a new irrigation controller – you can simply modify your old one for indoor use. Your irrigation specialist can help you rewire your outdoor controller so that it plugs easily into a 110 volt outlet. Popular models such as the Hunter Pro-C controller are easily convertible from outdoor to indoor use – and vice versa.

Contact your local irrigation specialist to discuss sprinkler repair and sprinkler installation and timer options today!