Many of our clients approach us for sprinkler repair in Sacramento and nearby areas, since sprinkler repairs are one of our main specialties. We are often asked, “what’s the best time of year to invest in sprinkler repair?” Our team of professionals works all year round, so any time is a good time for a sprinkler upgrade, sprinkler repair, or sprinkler checkup. However, there are certain times of year that provide more optimum working conditions – and times of year that make more sense for you as a home or business owner.

Spring and Autumn are Great Times for Sprinkler Repair and Upgrades

Sprinkler Retrofits and sprinkler installation in Sacramento. If you think about it, most people use their sprinklers during the hot summer months. This means that you’ll want to be fully prepared to provide adequate irrigation in order to keep your lawn lush and thriving. For this reason, it makes sense to look into a sprinkler upgrade during spring, when everything is turning green and defrosting from the long winter. Your soil is also more moist and workable during springtime, so ripping out and replacing old sprinkler pipes or repairing your sprinkler heads is much easier. Similarly, in autumn or fall, the ground is once again fairly wet and workable. Many clients also decide to upgrade their sprinkler system after having noticed its weaknesses during heavy summer usage.

Investing in fully system sprinkler repair in the spring allows you to:

  • Be prepared for a hot, dry summer
  • Keep your lawn fresh and green all season long
  • Avoid any sudden surprises at the start of the season
  • Save on water usage and expenses

Sprinkler Repairs and Upgrades Can Happen Any Time of Year

We work hard throughout the fall, winter, spring, and summer months in order to help our clients maintain fully-functioning sprinkler and irrigation systems for their homes and businesses. Even though spring and fall are ideal for installation, we want to make it clear that sprinkler repairs and upgrades can happen any time of year. If you have finally saved up enough funds to invest in your irrigation system, you don’t have to wait for a specific season to roll around. Go for it – treat yourself to the green lawn you’ve always dreamed of!

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