What is a Sprinkler Retrofit?

Unfortunately most sprinkler systems were not designed for a drought.  Most systems provide homeowners with rich green lawns, and expensive water bills.  Fortunately you can have your residential irrigation system retrofitted.  Retrofitting your system means bringing in experts to upgrade the different components of the system, so that each one is using water in the most efficient way possible.  These upgrades will not only make a homeowner’s lawn healthier, it will also help save them money.

How a Retrofit to Your Residential Irrigation System Saves You Money on Your Water Bill

low flow sprinkler installation in SacramentoRetrofitting a homeowner’s irrigation system can save a significant amount of water, sometimes more than 50%.  This water savings translates directly into lower water bills.  The reason the saving is so significant is that every part of your system can be upgraded.  The process begins with a water usage audit.  Experts from Low Flow Sprinkler Pros will assess the effectiveness of your sprinkler heads, the zones you water, and which plants will work best for your property.  After the audit you will have the option of upgrading each part of your sprinkler system.  After investing in better sprinkler heads, or upgrading your irrigation lines, you can choose to connect your residential irrigation system to a smart controller.  Smart controllers check the temperature, look at soil moisture, rainfall and season patterns, so that they can adjust the watering schedule to make sure your lawn is always receiving the right amount of water.  Low Flow Sprinkler Pros uses the best smart controllers available, including brands like Hunter and Netafim.

Saving Water & Money is the Best Choice

Investing in your sprinkler system will definitely save you money.  Retrofitting the system will also result in more efficient water usage, which will leave you lawn looking much healthier than it has in the past.  If you feel like you are ready for this upgrade, then call Low Flow Sprinkler Pros to schedule an audit on your residential irrigation system.