Now that California is going through an El Niño season, it’s a great idea to invest in a smart rain sensor for your home or business. Because our spring season will be wetter than usual, you won’t have to water your lawn as often – but you’ll still want to be able to program your sprinklers just in case we have another dry spell. With a rain sprinkler for your system, you can set it and forget it. Your rain sensor will automatically turn off your sprinkler system if it has been raining, so you don’t have to worry about overwatering ever again. But what rain sensor is best for your lawn? Luckily, there is a wide variety of sensible options.

Rain Bird Wired and Wireless Rain Sensors

Rain Bird WR2 water sensor installed in Sacramento, by Low Flow Sprinkler ProsWR2 Series

This wireless rain sensor detects rain as well as freezing temperatures. The wireless feature also means you can mount the unit in more places without worrying about unsightly wires.

RSD Series

This basic wired rain sensor is made up of sturdy UV-resistant materials that last through the toughest of weather. It also comes with different rain settings so you can pick the best one for your climate.

Hunter Clik Series Wired Rain Sensors

Hunter is a trusted company when it comes to sprinkler systems and accessories. From rain sensors to sprinkler heads like the MP Rotator Head , Hunter really does it all – and they do it well.

Rain Clik water sensor installed in Citrus Heights by Low Flow Sprinkler Pros

This wired rain sensor is equipped with Quick Response technology to ensure that your irrigation system shuts off the moment rain starts. It’s super easy to install, and can attach to a fence, gutter, or wall.

Mini Clik

For about half the price, this is a great alternative option to the Rain Clik. The Mini Clik will turn off your sprinkler system once it has detected a predetermined level of rainfall, saving you money and keeping your business green all year long.

Low Flow Sprinkler Pros of Sacramento can help you with a sprinkler retrofit, sprinkler repair , and even picking out your new rain sensor. Give us a call today.