The Basics of a Drip Irrigation System

For more than 2000 years, people have been using drip irrigation to water their crops.  Originally invented by the ancient Chinese in 100BC, drip irrigation is used today as a water conserving technique for anyone with a garden or landscape.  Drip irrigation is particularly popular in Sacramento and other cities suffering from the California drought.

How Do Drip Irrigation Systems Work?

Unlike sprinklers, a drip irrigation system applies small amounts of water to the root zone of your plants.  The water comes from a hose with small emitters, and extends through the full landscaped area.  By directly watering each plant’s root zone, drip irrigation reduces the amount of water lost to evaporation, and overspray from wind.  The water conservation is also greater because drip irrigation owners are able to customize the flow rates of each of their emitters to match the needs of each of their plants.

Additional Advantages of Drip Irrigation

drip irrigation delivers precise wateringWhile water conservation may be the most common reason for adding a drip irrigation system, there are a few other advantages to consider.  Using this system, each plant is able to receive the ideal amount of moisture necessary to grow as long as the correct emitter is installed in the correct location.  With water only being emitted at the root zone of each plant, common issues from sprinkler watering like staining house siding & glass do not exist.  Also a drip irrigation system is designed to avoid watering vacant bordering areas, which discourages unwanted weed growth. Drip irrigation even reduces the risk of fungal disease in many plants.

Making The Drip Irrigation Decision

Drip irrigation systems are primarily for shrub beds and planting areas, so if your property has more than just grass on it, then having a drip irrigation system installed is a smart choice. When you compile all the benefits, the water savings can reach up to 50% when compared to sprinklers.  Reducing water during the California drought will not only reduce your water bill, but also increase the health and strength of your plants.

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