Sprinkler Retrofits Save Sacramento and the Rest of California Water

California is going through a severe drought crisis, the state has embarked on adopting various measures that may save water for future use. California regulators have devised a plan in which all the water agencies in the state have been ordered to limit the supply of water for landscaping. It is the first time in the history of the state that such severe measures for water conservation have been put in place. It is anticipated that there is just one year supply of water left, therefore such extreme measures had to be adopted. Furthermore, the order by the water board requires all the urban water providers in California to limit the number of days on which they can supply water for lawns and other landscaping. With these regulations in place and the severe drought crisis it is imminent to adopt techniques that will help in using water more efficiently.

low flow sprinkler heads cut outside water usage in sacramentoOne way of saving and sustaining water to address the drought crisis in California is by sprinkler retrofits. Sprinkler retrofits result in low water bills and available rebates, and reduce the amount of water your lawn will need to stay green by 50% or more. Sprinkler retrofits are also eco-friendly and in this way homeowners will save money and water on their properties.

Outside Water Usage During a Drought

In drought-stricken areas such as California using traditional sprinklers use nearly 620 gallons of water every week in order to keep the garden lush and green. However, by sprinkler retrofits you may keep your garden green and reduce water usage by using certain high tech sprinklers such as low flow sprinklers. These sprinklers operate with lower water pressure then standard sprinklers.  If installed properly low flow sprinklers will maximize water savings and system longevity. In this way your garden will flourish without wasting a single drop of water.

It is suggested that certain types of water sprinkler heads and sprinkler retrofits apply water more efficiently as compared to other more traditional ones. Hunter mp rotator sprinkler heads is one such revolutionary alternative to traditional sprinklers. Hunter mp rotators deliver water in a thicker stream by spraying the water so that more water can reach plants and garden and less is lost to wind and evaporation. a Sacramento residential is proud to have such a perfect lawnHunter MP rotator sprinklers are unique as they are designed in a way that water is delivered at a steady rate. Due to this slower application of water with hunter MP rotator sprinklers, the water is gently soaked in at rates that can be easily absorbed by the soil. By replacing your traditional sprinkler heads with hunter mp rotator sprinkler head you can save water to between 30%-50% or more. High efficiency nozzles like hunter MP rotator sprinkler heads have the ability to improve the irrigation system and curtail any run-off problems. By replacing conventional sprinkler heads with the new ones such as Hunter mp rotator sprinklers you can keep the water pressure in control and distribute water appropriately.

With sprinkler retrofits, the water crisis can be reduced in California, as the cutting edge technology in the form of hunter mp rotator sprinklers and other low flow sprinkler systems can cover large areas of landscape without wasting water.