Sacramento Bests LA in Water Conservation

Are your water conservation tactics having an effect on the over water use in the state? Yes they are! In fact, we’ve moved in front of LA in terms of water usage per capita. The latest numbers from November 2014 are in. Sacramento came in at 73 gallons of water per person, per day – down from 93 gallons just a year ago. LA, on the other hand, dropped from 83 to 77 gallons.

This is a huge improvement for Sacramento. We’ve been seen as one of the heaviest water usage areas in California for the past few years. As a big water usage offender, Sacramento even fought against installing water meters that were mandated by the state.

LA, on the other hand, has always been at the forefront of water conservation. So, this makes our efforts even more impressive. Sacramento wasn’t the only city in the region to show huge water usage reduction. Davis reduced it’s water usage to a meager 68 gallons of water per person per day. That’s one of the lowest in the entire state.
According to Amy Talbot, water efficiency program manager at the Sacramento Regional Water Authority, “I think we’ve shown we’re committed to conservation in response to this drought. I’m cautiously optimistic we can keep getting the same reductions.”

If Sacramento area residents embrace drip irrigation there is a chance that we can continue to stay ahead of LA. Unfortunately, this probably isn’t going to happen as most water experts in the capital region expect residents will want to resume irrigating their lawns and other landscapes.

Sacramento is also warmer than Los Angeles, so during the summer water usage goes up exponentially. L.A. residents in July of 2014 consumed 89 gallons of water per person in August. Sacramento residents consumed 150 gallons.

When the usage was at it’s highest, the government asked residents to cut back on their usage with funny advertisements. “We were very excited to see our customers responding,” said William Granger, water conservation administrator for Sacramento. “They saw our one reservoir dropping and it really hit home. A lot of folks got the message right away.”

This is the best time of year to get your irrigation system upgraded to something more efficient. The Low Flow Sprinkler pros look forward to helping you do your part to keep Sacramento ahead of those water conservation gurus in LA.