Saving Rancho Cordova Sprinkler Water

Rancho Cordova, just like the rest of the state of California, is feeling the drought really hit their residents. We recently were out with a customer at their home talking about how they can cut back water usage outside. The main area of water being used is for their lawns and landscaping. We did a walk through with them and described our process of how we can cut outside water usage. Updating their yard with new sprinkler heads, time clock, and drip lines we estimated that they could save about 55% of their current water usage. They were thrilled!

Lets take a look at just how much water saving that is. Just by doing a sprinkler retrofit they can save 54,159 gallons a year! In one year that is enough for 2.7 full backyard swimming pools. Each month they will save enough water with new sprinklers to 150 ten minute showers. That is the equivalent of 3,761 toilet flushes in the same month.

Sprinkler Installation and Retrofits of Rancho Cordova

Just by updating your sprinklers and irrigation systems, you can help do your part with the California drought. Not only will you save water, but you will save money. Our clients regularly see nice beautiful lawns and landscaping, lower water bills, and jealous neighbors. Keep your lawn green knowing that you will create a positive return on investment with a new sprinkler retrofit system.

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