New Water Restrictions in Sacramento

It has been more than 3 years since California got struck by a drought crisis and the efforts to control the water shortage are falling short. It is due to this reason that Governor Jerry Brown has imposed strict and obligatory residential water restrictions and water restrictions for lawns that will affect thousands of households and businesses established in California and Sacramento. From the way home owners water their garden and landscapes to restaurants serving water to their guests, the new laws on water usage will make people change their perception and habits of using water freely.wasted water

Although, many people in California are making an effort to save water, it is not enough to curb the alarming situation especially if it does not rain much this year. Fines of up to 500 dollars have also been imposed on the local population for exceeding the limit prescribed for the water usage for landscaping. Critics have said the new rules to be in the right direction but they still feel that these are not enough and that more residential water restrictions and enforcement should be encouraged to fight water shortages if the drought continues to drag on this year. 

It has been reported that the last three years have been the driest in California and that even the largest reservoirs in California have a water level far below normal. The government set a state-wide drought emergency and told the local population in California to limit the use of water by 20% or more. However this state goal was not met by the states residents who were only able to cut water use by only 9.7 %. The new water restriction rules that have been adopted in California are the following.

  • To ban all the hotels and restaurants to serve water to guests unless they ask for it.
  • Residential water restrictions have also been imposed that prohibits house owners from watering their lawns using potable water within 48 hours of rainfall.
  • Water restrictions on lawn have also been imposed that require companies, counties and cities to water lawns for only 2 days a week. This rule is applicable to 411 water providers that supply water to 3000 customers in California.

It is anticipated that the rules of water restrictions for lawns will have the most impact. According to state water board, this is because water irrigation of lawns and landscaping make up to 44% percent of water use in California’s urban communities.

The new water restrictions in California require the local population to save water by adopting energy efficient ways, and using cutting edge technology that may keep their landscape green but at the same time abide by the new laws. By encouraging sprinkler retrofits, for watering landscapes can be a sustainable solution, which will help in addressing the drought crises. If you install modern sprinkler heads such as rotator and splash sprinkler heads then the water will be used carefully for landscaping. Therefore, in order to address the drought problem by using energy efficient ways, contact a sprinkler company like Low Flow Sprinkler Pros that offer the best water saving solutions. They can carry out sprinkler repair and sprinkler installation of rotator heads, splash heads and spray heads to ensure total coverage of your lawn and to use water for landscaping but still be within the drought restriction limits.