How Weather Smart Sprinkler Controllers Work?

low flow sprinkler installation in sacramentoOver the past ten years, everything around us has become “smart”.  We have smart phones, smart homes, they even sell smart water at the local grocery store.  Typically electronic items which are labeled “smart”, make their owners’ lives easier by producing a more convenient, or more advanced product.  A smart controller for a sprinkler system is much more convenient than a normal controller, and ends up watering your lawn much more efficiently than any other alternative.

You may have heard of sprinkler smart controllers in the past, but not know how smart they are.  What do they really do?  At Low Flow Sprinkler Pros, we install top brands like Hunter X-Core Series with Solar Sense.  This controller provides automated, customized irrigation to eight irrigations zones on your property.  A sprinkler smart controller adjusts daily according to different weather factors.  By measuring temperature and the sun’s intensity, a smart controller is able to modify its runtime in order to best meet the needs of your lawn.  A smart controller can also shutoff your irrigation system during rainfall.  When the rain stops, your sprinkler smart controller will account for the rainfall before turning back on, so that your lawn does not get overwatered.  A smart controller can also tell if it is too cold for your lawn to be watered.  They can be programmed not to water if the temperature drops below 37 degrees Fahrenheit.  Sprinkler smart controllers do all the irrigation work for your lawn so that you don’t have to!  Providing the optimal amount of water for your lawn is not only good for your lawn, it also saves you money on your monthly water bill. 

Is it Smart to get a Smart Controller?

Some smart products are significantly smarter than others.  Sometimes there is a huge jump, and sometimes it is a fairly small advancement.  When it comes to sprinklers, a smart controller is a giant leap.  Not only will your sprinklers be automated, but they will self-adjust to the optimal irrigation amounts.  You will never have to worry about overwatering, or watering when it is too cold again.  If you are ready for a more convenient and more efficient sprinkler system, then call Low Flow Pros today!