How to Make a Water Smart Lawn to Save Water in a Drought

One of your biggest lawn maintenance tasks is to keep it well-watered so it stays healthy and green. Yet when you’re going through a drought like the one Sacramento is in now, you can’t turn on the flood gates every day. You need to take steps to create a lawn that uses as little water as possible or that makes the most effective use of landscape design to conserve water.

Working with the right landscape professional is the first start. Here are a few other things you can do to create a water smart lawn:

Choose the Right Grasses and Plants

Some grasses and plants require less water than others. Grasses like Bermuda, zoysia and buffalo grass require less water than some other types, and they thrive in direct sunlight. Succulents like cactus and aloe also don’t need much water.

By incorporating these grass types and plants into your landscaping, you can have a beautiful, green lawn without worrying about the drought.

Stop Erosion

When it does rain, you want every last drop of water to go into the grass and plants as possible. Erosion can cause water to run over the surface of the soil instead of being absorbed by it. By controlling erosion, you can improve water conservation.

You can prevent erosion by evening out the land, installing retaining walls for steep slopes, or aerating the soil to improve absorption.

Install the Right Sprinkler System

The right sprinkler system can deliver the exact amount of water that your lawn needs just when it needs it. You’ll need to work with a professional to determine the right flow for the sprinkler system and to put the system on the right timer.

Low Flow Sprinkler Pros can help you install the right sprinkler system. Our systems are low flow to deliver only the water your lawn needs, and it can be put on a timer for the right delivery. Our weather controlled sprinkler systems won’t turn on during the rain, for example. We also specialize in sprinkler retro fits to make your current system more efficient.