How to Keep Grass Green without Overwatering your Lawn

Do you have the greenest grass on your block?  Do you want your grass to be a little greener?  The path to achieve thick, rich, green grass may be a little different than you might expect.  Common sense would suggest that if you just water your grass more, then it will probably grow greener.  The truth is that overwatering your grass will lead to an unhealthy lawn and a higher water bill.  Unless your yard is currently in the form of freshly planted seeds, you are probably overwatering it.  In this article you will find ways not only to make your grass greener, but to make it greener without over watering it.

How to Know If You Are Overwatering Your Lawn in SacramentoMicroirrigation head installed by our El Dorado Hills sprinkler retrofit team

Here are a few signs that you may be overwatering your lawn.  When walking across the grass and you may notice that it feels particularly spongy.  You may begin to notice that there are extra weeds, or fungus growing in your grass.  Other signs include additional pests in your yard, and wilted grass.    

Recommended Techniques to Get Greener Grass Without Overwatering

The first principle to having healthy grass without overwatering is to water smartly.  This means watering with right amount of water, at the right time.  Watering in the evenings, or early mornings allows deeper watering, which creates deeper rooting.  Most lawns need about one inch of water, three times a week.  Also, you may want to avoid mowing your grass much shorter than 1.5 inches. 

Another key principle to avoid overwatering is to use the right equipment.  Make sure your sprinkler system is designed to avoid water runoff, and maximize appropriate water coverage.  Upgrading your sprinkler heads can dramatically improve the way your lawn is watered.  Smart Controllers are also a smart investment.  A Smart Controller looks at soil moisture, rainfall, and temperature to make sure your lawn receives correct amount of water.  Call the Low Flow Sprinkler Pros and have a free water audit done.  We can tell you exactly how much you are using now and how much you can save by doing a sprinkler retrofit to a low flow sprinkler system.  

Watering smartly and avoiding overwatering is always a good idea.  By applying these techniques you will enjoy a lower water bill and greener grass.