How Sprinklers are an Integral Part of Landscape Design

When you dream of your gorgeous lawn with well-manicured shrubs and tastefully placed flowers, you are likely thinking of the overall aesthetic, not the practical elements needed to pull it off. Yet things like your sprinkler system are essential to the success of your overall landscape design.

When you hire someone to design your landscape, make sure that landscape irrigation is included in the package. Here are a few ways that sprinklers are an integral part of your landscape design:

Keep Plants Healthy

Unless you’ve planted a garden of succulents, your plants will need to stay well-watered to stay healthy.In Sacramento — as well as the rest of California — there is a serious drought. You can’t rely on steady rainfall to give your plants what they need. You need the right sprinkler system to ensure your plants have the right amount of water.

The right irrigation system design will include a timer to dispense the right amount of water at the right times.

Improve the Health of the Soil

drip irrigation delivers precise wateringYou might think of soil as little more than dirt. However, healthy soil is more like a womb for your plants. It provides the right nutrients and moisture for optimal growing. In a drought like the one Sacramento is experiencing, the soil can become dried out and stripped of nutrients. Moisture is an essential ingredient in the composting process. A sprinkler system can ensure that the soil remains moist and healthy.

Prevent Overwatering

When you water your lawn or garden yourself, you risk overwatering it. Not only is this detrimental to your lawn and garden, but it’s also irresponsible in the current drought. The right irrigation system design will ensure just the right amount of watering to keep your lawn healthy without overdoing it.

Low Flow Sprinkler Pros specializes in landscape irrigation with a focus on water conservation. We can design a sprinkler system that integrates effortlessly into your landscape design while also keeping your gorgeous landscape lush and green.