Hose or Sprinkler System: What’s the Best Way to Water?

In times of drought, we understand that you want to save money however you can. One question you might have is whether it’s more water-conscious to hand water or install a sprinkler irrigation system. We’re here to help answer that question.

Sprinkler system keeping lawn maintained in california drought
While hand watering your plants and lawn does allow you to do spot treatments, watering the areas that need it most, there are also some significant drawbacks to this method. The problem with hand-watering is that humans are prone to error and you might not be dispersing water evenly, especially if you use your thumb as a nozzle at the end of your hose. Hose attachments are often too powerful for your lawn and garden plants, producing a high-pressured stream that actually does more harm than good as it barrages your plants with high force but low volume. You can easily become distracted by other tasks in your home, leading you to forget to move your portable sprinkler and overwater your lawn.

High Efficiency Sprinkler Heads

With a timed drip sprinkler system, your lawn is watered efficiently, evenly, and without using more water than necessary. By setting the timer you also don’t have to take a moment from your busy schedule to water your lawn. Better yet, when we retrofit your current sprinkler system to our low flow drip system, helping you conserve even more water without sacrificing your lawn’s longevity. Popular sprinkler heads include the Hunter MP Rotator Head. This revolutionary type of head produces a slower, more even flow of water that distributes evenly across your lawn, reducing the amount of evaporation and wasteful runoff. Replacing all of your sprinkler heads with high efficiency ones such as this can cut your water usage by as much as 30%. Help keep your trees and plants alive and call Low Flow Sprinkler Pros now so we can perform an evaluation of your home or business water usage.