Thanks for Joining Us at the Home & Landscape Expo

We wanted to say a quick thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth at this year’s Northern California Home & Landscape Expo. We got a chance to talk to some great people, and to demo our new toy that shows, in real time, just how much less water one of our low flow Hunter heads uses, versus a traditional sprinkler head.

demonstration box shows Hunter MP rotator head running against a traditional sprinkler head

Just for fun, we also decided to see how high the water level would be if we flooded it using all the water we saved just one client, in just one year. If you took all of the 284,000 gallons we saved one resident in Carmichael and put it in the 27,700 square foot expo center, the level would already be over a foot. Just 22 more customers and we would be able to fill it to the ceiling!

Our booth with the water savings sign

We look forward to seeing many of you again for your on-site audits, and even more of you at next year’s event.