Elk Grove Sprinkler Retrofits Saves Gallons of Water

In Elk Grove, CA the home resident had a very large yard with a lot of sprinkler heads. The issue with most residents in California, is that their yards are not properly optimized for water usage. As the California drought continues to limit the amount of water we can use, we are left to make some decisions on where to use the water. Now that people are embracing the dead lawns, some are fighting back with brand new sprinkler retrofits.

Sprinkler Retrofits Save You Water in Elk Grove

In this case study, one home has an estimated saving of 343,741 gallons in a year! This is so much water that it is hard to comprehend what else that could be used for. Here are a few examples of how much water that really is. In one year, this Elk Grove resident is going to save enough water to fill 17 backyard swimming pools. That is the same amount of water that could fill a 5,400 sq ft single story home all the way to the top of the eight foot ceilings. That is just in one year! Each month, this resident is going to save on average 30,00o gallons. Those same gallons could flush 19,000 toilets that month. If you happen to be a shower person, you could take an extra 765 ten minute showers that month.

Do what you can to save water wherever you can. Free sprinkler retrofit audits can give you a custom idea of how much water can be saved with sprinkler repair and installation in Elk Grove. Call us Today!