Different Types of Sprinkler Heads and Which is the Best for Your Roseville Home

Looking to utilize our sprinkler retrofits in Roseville or nearby, but confused about what type of sprinkler head to install? Below is a simple breakdown of some of the most popular types of sprinkler heads and how they differ.

Pop-Up Spray Head – these sprinkler heads are good for the average-sized household lawn. You’ll likely need to install more heads closer together in order to achieve uniform coverage because spray heads have a short watering range. However, they offer a high watering rate and are more durable because they pop down below the lawn’s surface when not in use. Remember, however, that spray heads can cause problems if you’re trying to save water and live in a windy area – high winds can redirect the spray away from your lawn.

Rotary Heads – rotary heads rotate either in half or full circles in order to deliver a single stream of water to your medium or large lawn. Rotary heads can quickly be adjusted so they only water a certain area of your lawn, eliminating wasteful runoff and unnecessary sidewalk coverage. The slower watering rate also means that you can water your lawn deeply, getting water to the roots of plants and trees.

Bubblers – bubblers are more ideal for watering specific areas of your garden, such as tree roots and the bases of plants. These sprinkler heads produce large quantities of water, but it goes right where it is needed instead of evaporating or scorching the leaves of delicate plants. Because bubblers are close to the ground, you won’t have to worry as much about wind or evaporation wasting your water.

Okay, I Get It – But Which is Right for Me?

While we’d like to issue a one-size-fits-all approach to watering your lawn (it would be easier for you and for us!), it just isn’t that simple. Each lawn has a unique layout, soil composition, and selection of greenery. It is likely that you will save the most water (and money) by utilizing a unique pattern and combination of the above three types of sprinkler heads. If you want to know the most ideal layout for your lawn, call Low Flow Sprinkler Pros of Roseville to set up a consultation today.  We also provide full service sprinkler repair in Roseville, sprinkler repair in Sacramento, and sprinkler repair in Folsom.