Best Low-Flow Sprinkler Heads for Your Home or Business in Citrus Heights

Choosing a set of low-flow sprinklers in Citrus Heights might seem intimidating to a newcomer. Our professionals at Low Flow Sprinkler Repair can assist you with choosing the right sprinkler heads for your future sprinkler retrofit in Citrus Heights and sprinkler repair in Citrus Heights. We’ve picked out a few of our (and our customers’) favorite sprinkler heads below.

Hunter MP Rotator Series: this is a popular series for homes and businesses alike, and definitely our favorite. The rotator head is easily added onto older systems, offering sprinkler retrofitting that saves time and water since these bad boys use up to 30% less water than traditional spray heads. These multi spray heads allow water to slowly soak into your lawn, eliminating wasteful runoff and evaporation.

Rain Bird Simple Adjust Gear Drive Rotor: these rotors are adjustable from 40 to 360 degrees, have a 19 to 32 foot watering range, and offer Rain Curtain technology to aid in your water saving endeavors. Rain Curtain nozzles produce larger water droplets, meaning nozzle spray is less easily diverted by heavy winds and your lawn is evenly covered.

Rain Bird Maxi-Paw: these pop-up impact rotors are sturdy and reliable, with Seal-A-Matic technology that helps to prevent puddling in your lawn. These heads are energy efficient and utilize less water than other industrial sprinkler heads. If you’re looking for a workhorse of a sprinkler head that is durable and easy to maintain, then the Maxi-Paw series is for you.

Rain Bird RN Series: this series of low-flow, high performance nozzles allows for you to produce a beautiful lawn without water wastage. The low precipitation rate means that water penetrates deeply into your lawn, reducing runoff and other water wastage. The RN series operates under lower pressure without sacrificing coverage via the use of multiple streams.

Remember – the Size of Your Lawn Determines the Right Sprinkler Head for You

Even though you might be tempted to replace all of your sprinkler heads with a single type of low-flow heads, it’s important to remember that different lawn sizes require different heads and coverage areas. It won’t save you any water if you install a rotator head with a 9 ft. radius in a patch of lawn that is only 4 ft. in diameter. Instead, consider opting for a combination of low-flow rotator heads and drip irrigation systems in order to provide your lawn with the right amounts of water in just the right places.

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