Do you want to make sure that your lawn looks 100% all the time? You’re always being told what to do and not to do for your own health – don’t eat too much salt, stay away from sugar, eat lots of salads. But what about the health of your lawn? While we all know that watering and mowing our lawn is good, do we know what isn’t good for our lawns? We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 things you should never do to your lawn.

Don’t cut it too short.

A healthy lawn is a trimmed lawn, right? Nope. Cutting your lawn too short, also known as scalping, is not healthy for your lawn. If you cut the blades of grass too short, all that is left is the exposed stem. Your lawn will not establish a deep enough rough structure, and your soil will dry out quickly with no foliage to shade it from the sun.

Don’t bag cut grass.

If you’ve developed a hole in your lawn mower bag, don’t hurry out to buy a replacement one. Instead, let your grass clippings fall right onto your lawn. They’ll provide nutrients for growth, and will also help keep moisture in the soil.


Don’t mow when the lawn is wet.

We’ve talked about whether or not to mow after watering your lawn – but long story short, don’t do it. You should never mow your lawn if it is wet. Not only is it damaging to your lawn mower blades, but it’s also a tripping hazard. Additionally, mowing a wet lawn makes your grass more susceptible to diseases.

Don’t get crazy with fertilizer.

Over fertilizing is definitely a thing. Adding too much fertilizer can turn your lawn brown (that’s due to the nitrogen found in most fertilizers), but not fertilizing at all can be a death sentence. Make sure to know the best time to fertilize, and how often.

Don’t overwater.

You don’t need to water your lawn every day, even in the summer. Instead, aim to water just two times per week or less. Make sure to water for longer periods of time, and only water in the early morning or evening, when the sun is not at its peak. We suggest having your local sprinkler repair team install a rain sensor and sprinkler timer to make your watering schedule easy. This ensures that your grass is getting adequate hydration without any wasteful runoff into the gutter.
There you have it – five things you should never do to your lawn. With these tips in mind, you’ll have a healthy, lush, thriving lawn in next to no time.  And give us a call for sprinkler repair in Elk Grove, and sprinkler repair in Folsom.