5 Common Sprinkler System Problems

We all love a beautiful green lawn. Rich, thick, healthy grass and plants are dependent on an excellent sprinkler system that distributes water efficiently. For many of us, it is easy to tell that we have a sprinkler system that is failing. Brown spots, dead spots, and excessive water runoff are just a few signs that you are experiencing sprinkler system problems. Take the time to look through this list of 5 common sprinkler system problems to best identify what needs to be done to get your sprinkler system fixed.

Sprinkler System Has Low Pressure

It is easy to tell if you are not getting very much pressure. Your sprinkler heads might not pop up when turned on, or they may just shoot a small amount of water out. If this is happening to you, then have a sprinkler repair company look for leaks in the system, or turn on the valves at the backflow device. Either way, if your sprinkler system does not have water pressure, your lawn will not survive.Sprinkler system repair and adjusting a sprinkler valve to save water in Sacramento California

Sprinkler Zone Not Working

If your lawn is just brown in one section, then you may have a whole zone not working. If this is happening you may have issues with your transformer, or the actual valve.

Sprinkler Head Not Working

Sometimes a dead or browning grass area may be from one faulty sprinkler instead of a whole zone not working. A sprinkler head may need to be cleaned, or fully replaced depending on whether the sprinkler head is not working because it is broken, or because it is just clogged.

Sprinkler System is Overwatering

Most sprinkler systems use too much water. In many cases sprinklers that use too much water create problems like erosion, water waste, and stripping the soil of nutrients. If your sprinkler system cannot conserve water, it may be time to upgrade your sprinkler system to one that distributes water more efficiently.

Slow Leakage When System is Off

When you notice that your sprinkler system is leaking, it may be that something is caught in the control portion of the valve. The valve may just be old and need to replaced in order to guarantee that it will not leak. A leaking system needs to be addressed ASAP.