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Our Goal at Low Flow Sprinkler Pros is to provide the best water saving, low-flow solutions to our Sacramento neighbors. We are proud to provide not only the best in conservation solutions, but also a depth of industry know how, excellent quality, and top-notch customer service.

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Sprinkler Pros is proud to be the leading Sacramento landscape contractor and member of the Better Business Bureau serving the greater Sacramento area for over ten years. When it comes to landscape, there is nothing we can’t handle. You can be sure that all of your irrigation needs are in capable hands. We will provide you with peace of mind and confidence to relax even when you’re away several days or several weeks!

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We use only commercial grade materials, glues, and fittings. In our experience, it does make a difference! Our retrofits, repairs, and installations are completed with durability in mind. We hold ourselves to a high industry standard that is second to none. We are an irrigation contractor who won’t cut corners!

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Customer Service

We provide a tailored approach to our irrigation services. No two customers are alike, and we aim to give each and every client our best efforts. Sprinkler Pros is passionate about professional strategies and solutions that are cost-effective. We warranty our work, labor, and materials.

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Sustainability Pledge

We work to provide our clients with the best water-conserving irrigation solutions and an outstanding, flourishing, healthy lawn and plants. We are pleased to give our customers the hands-on knowledge they need to keep their home landscapes looking vibrant while conserving precious water resources.

A Complete Retrofit Typically Saves 50% or More Water

Savings vary from yard to yard, depending upon property landscape irrigation needs. Current usage is calculated based upon water pressure and types and number of sprinkler heads. Estimated savings can only be only be assured with the change of sprinkler heads to low-flow heads and a new, upgraded clock with solar-sync.

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